Drilling Fluids Group

In today’s oil industry every dollar counts and everyone wants it accounted for.

In today’s environment, each minute counts for thousands of dollars, and proper drilling fluids management and planning are critical factors in the success of the overall drilling operation.

We offer a seasoned group of mud engineers who have dedicated their entire oilfield careers to drilling fluids, solids control, and waste management – trained by every major mud company over the last 30+ years.

We offer accounting for what we do and why we do it.

We take a pro-active approach to everything we do and plan our business to account for the drilling program ahead.

What we offer

  • Mud Engineer pairing – your Mud Engineer working alongside your mud service provider.
  • Tendering assistance and pre-planning.
  • Rig auditing.
  • Drilling fluid advisory-wellbore health.
  • Mud engineering services.
  • Mud plant - QA/QC auditing.
  • Mud plant layout and planning.
  • Project management.

Your Agenda is our agenda

Are you getting the mud service, the mud products, and the technical commitment you expect?

If you are having concerns, let us ensure that your mud provider is doing what they are being paid to do.